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Home Insurance

For many Texas residents, their home is their primary investment. A homeowner's insurance policy from Birdsong Insurance helps you protect your residence from a variety of common threats. With the right coverage, you won't have to worry about unforeseen occurrences ruining your personal finances or leaving you without a safe and comfortable home.

Common Coverages for Homeowner's Insurance

Every homeowner's contract is customized for the needs and circumstances of the homeowner. However, there are some common inclusions that address the most probable problems with your primary residence.

Our agents can help you understand your insurance and what types of coverage best fit your property. Talk to us for a personalized assessment of your insurance needs.

Additional Coverages

These coverages usually aren't automatically included in your primary policy. However, coverage can be added to fit your needs.

Our agents are ready to help you find the perfect coverage for your Texas property. Contact us for more information or get a free online quote.

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